Business Level Strategies

A business level strategy is a vital term for the companies for being sustainable in the competitive market environment because without the strategy, the employees could not get information what they should do in the market to gain competitive advantages. As per homework help experts followings are Management Homework  Helpsome business level strategies that are used by the companies in an industry:

Cost Leadership

It is a simple business strategy that is used to provide existing products at lower price in related marketplace. Hence, with the help of this strategy, companies capture the large share of their market and also make huge profits by including small profit margins in the cost of existing products.


This strategy considers non-price incentives such as quality of the products, after sales services and other convenience related to the delivery of products that help the companies for winning the trust and loyalty of the consumers. It helps the management for attracting the new customers towards existing offerings and also holds the existing customers.

Low-Cost Focus

It is also similar as like cost leadership strategy that allows the companies for focusing in a niche marketplace and to compete the competitiveness characters of the industry by providing low cost products in market.

Differentiation Focus

This strategy is like differentiation business strategy. This business strategy could be used by the companies to focus in a niche market instead of whole market.

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