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For this management homework help paper “Bakery Store” is selected as a small-scale business that is not using E-commerce or internet technologies currently. In this paper, internet strategy for bakery organization in order to promote the product/services and to increase the productivity and profitability globally would be presented. In order to create website, internet business model would be developed for the Bakery Store. At the same time, benefits of internet business model will also be discussed. Along with functional specifications, technological specifications will also be evaluated to achieve the overall objectives of the Bakery Store.

Internet Business Model

In today’s technological era, there are certain internet businesses models are used by the business corporations to create the websites. “E-commerce” and Merchant model would be appropriate for the Bakery Store to follow in creating a Web site in following way:

E-commerce Internet Business Model: This model would be more effective and appropriate for the Bakery Store. It is because it would be easy to use and save time and money for the Bakery Store. Due to use of this model, customers will buy product and service directly from the site and will be delivered them timely. In addition, the Bakery Store would get wide range of marketing benefits and opportunities. This model would help the Bakery Store in creating new relationship with potential customers, suppliers & partners due to direct interaction and prompt feedback from them.

Merchant Model: It is one of the most profitable Internet business models that would be used for Bakery Store. With the help of this model, the Bakery Store can achieve competitive advantages by enhancing relationship with customers and providing them the required products. It would also create unique reputation of the Bakery Store in the marketplace and would create buzz among consumers with encouraging first-time purchases. Additionally, this model would also reduce organizational costs through the effective utilization of internal and external resources.

Benefit from Web site

The Bakery Store can take several benefits with the help of website. For instance, the Bakery Store can increase its profitability, productivity and goodwill at the international level. It is because website is an important source to promote the product at lowest cost. In addition, the Bakery Store can also share its corporate or strategic vision, mission and objectives more effectively with its stakeholders. At the same time, Bakery Store can also increase the number of customers, improve customer relationship and market share.

Additionally, it can also provide additional source of money to the Bakery Store. For example, if the Bakery Store has some classified ads sites, Bakery Store can get revenues from the sponsor that places their ads on its website. Along with this the Bakery Store can also attract large suppliers in order to distribute their product/service at the different geographical region. In addition, with the help of website, the Bakery Store can also build brand image at the global level. It is because a website represents an organization’s value and reputation in the global market. Hence, website can facilitate competitive advantages for Bakery Store.

The Bakery Store can also perform certain organizational functions through website such as marketing, sales, customer support and internal communications. For instance, for the marketing and sales, website should display the product and services with their features effectively. In addition, it should also show the competitive pricing strategies with the analysis of competitor’s strategies, which would be effective to attract customers. It is because it will be beneficial for the company in creating the brand reputation in the mind of consumers. At the same time, in order to fulfill the customer support function, it should provide chat options, toll free numbers and customer support service, which would enable the customers to interact with company. Apart from this, to fulfill the internal communication functions, website should create the e-mail and outlooks tools in order to make the flow of information easier between employees and management.

Uses of Internet for Benefit by marketing homework help experts

The Bakery Store might use the internet in other ways for its own benefit. For example, the Bakery Store may provide goods/service online to the customers as a means of e-commerce. It means, by using e-commerce, Bakery Store may offer goods/services to the customers in fast, secure, and reliable means. In addition, the Bakery Store may also improve the employee productivity with internet access as it would reduce the waiting time of customers and manual processes to deliver the desired item to the customers. For instance, by giving internet access to employees, they can track competitors, research potential customers, download and share useful news and information, and use e-mail to keep in touch with teammates, customers, suppliers, and other important stakeholders. At the same time, Bakery Store may also expand its business and markets with the help of Internet. Apart from this, by using internet tools, Bakery Store may also improve employee and partner collaboration. It is because internet is an incredible tool for one-to-many way communication. So, it may promote one-to-one collaboration and team collaboration more effectively.

Functional Specifications

as per homework help experts, In order to use internet and web, the company will use functional specification. It is a web application and the key document in Web Application project. This document will list all of the functionalities and technical specifications for the company. The functional specification will list every user’s behavior more effectively. For example, when a visitor clicks on the “Add to Cart” button from the Product Showcase page, the item is added to the visitor’s shopping cart, the Product Showcase page closes and the user is taken to the Shopping Cart page. In addition, in functional specification, product/inventory summary will be used to displays a summary of items for sale, stock number, item name, short description, one photo, price, and Add to Cart button. At the same time, information related to inventory item such as stock number, item name, long description, multiple photos, price, will also be shown. In addition, a link will also be included such as: www.worldbakerystore.com..

Technological Specifications for Implementation

In order to support design, necessary hardware and software are as below:

Technological Specifications Uses/Purposes
Enterprise application software To perform important organizational function effectively
Reporting software To generate human-readable reports from data sources
Data mining (Hosken, 2010). To analyze data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information
Business performance management To know the actual progress of the organization
Digital Dashboards To monitor the contribution of the various departments
Microsoft Office Used to perform certain desktop application
CRM To manage strong relations with the customers
Human Resource Software To perform certain functions related to Human resource



From the above discussion by management homework help experts, it is concluded that to create the website, Bakery Store can use merchant and e-commerce model more effectively. In addition, it is also analyzed that organization can have several benefits from the various technological tools. At the same time, it is also interpreted that Bakery store should prepare functional specifications for the use of the Web and the Internet. Finally, it is concluded that by using different hardware and software, the Bakery Store can effectively perform certain organizational functions such as marketing, sales etc.

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