Human resource management (or HRM) is the study of the management of a company or organization’s own people or staff of its employees who work individually or collectively for the interest of company/organization and helps management to achieve the company’s goal. In Human resource management we study the methodology and functionality of human behavior so that we can motivate them to become more efficient and productive in favor of their management or employer such as organization, company, government administration or in a corporation. It is an effort to understand the staff mentality and how to make them more beneficial for organizations. It helps us to make staff administration policy including their recruitment, training program, personal development, career development, rewards etc.

HumanHuman Resource Management or HRM helps to enhance organizational performance by using its most valuable assets i.e. its working people or employee, who contributes their expertise and labor to increase organization’s productivity and growth. It deals with basic human nature and its utilization in organizational perspective. It is used to manage human resources to make them more efficient and approachable so that management can achieve organizational task properly with the help of its people. Through HRM the administration decides and plans new policies to inspire the staff by using planning training programs, performance appraisal and compensation as well as safety and making a suitable working environment. HRM prepares a flexible approach to staff and build a bridge between staff and management to wipe out the problems related to staff, production, and organizations management. Sometimes it is also defined as Human Resource or Personal Management.

HRM has its own fundamental and principles. Its basic theory says that humans are not machine; therefore they should be treated as an human. In Human Resource Management we use psychology, sociology, economics, industrial relations and general applicable behavior principles of human nature by which we guides the people to have more acceptability of management decisions with a positive approach towards the organization’s final target.

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