Marketing is the process or activity which promotes the business and distribution of products and services. Marketing is the oxygen of business and provides market to consume the organization’s products. We can also understand marketing as advertising of business which includes publicity, advertising and media and motivates maximum peoples to give their attention towards the organization and its products or services. It includes selling, purchasing, publicity, promotion and distribution of a product or service. Marketing is a major branch of business management and includes market research, consumer behavior, promotional activities such as advertising, survey, offers etc.

Generally it was used as shopping or exchanging or good for money before 1920. Later it was developed as an important branch of management which analysis consumer base for the products and services and provides back support to the business through making its market. It increases company’s acceptability in people by effective marketing strategy.

marketingIt can be categorized in several sub branches such as relationship marketing, relationship management, business marketing, social marketing and branding of company. All branches has separate methods to promote and highlight the product in saturated market but has the same goal i.e. to obtain the maximum share of business in market or to develop a new market for company’s services and products.

Marketing works on consumer behavior and use general principles of psychology and sociology with selling approach. It enhances the mental acceptability of products so that maximum people can use it frequently and company would enjoy maximum share of the market. Marketing experts do study and research on available and would be market along with present and future consumers to make effective and fruitful marketing planning. A usual approach of marketing a product is defining market objectives, collecting data, deciding upon Segementation, Targetting, and Positioning.It establishes relationship between customer and organization at many levels to make an bond between the two. It approaches the people and tries to convert them in company’s regular consumer. Usually organization uses marketing to get favor of market at their side to gain maximum profits.

Today organization and companies have developed new ideas for marketing and they are using latest technique of communicate to spread their own wavelength to each and every possible customer by using new and advance technologies of information technology including sms, mms, email and newsletter to create more awareness in people.