Operation management is the field of business involved with the manufacturing of products and services and bears the responsibility of assuring the all activities of business operation. Operation management works on strategy planning for smoothly operating of overall operations of a business or organization so that organization can reach up to the preset target. It concerned with the quality working and efficient operation of the business. Operation management can be assumed as the most sophistic work in an organization as it is a work of thoughtful peoples who prepares final scene through their research and proper analysis.

opmangOperation management had started its formation in the 18th century with the growing inventions and use of machines but it was not named Operation management. It was modified and developed with the time and in 20th century it got its present name of Operation management. It was contributed by several great thought leaders and sociologist who also helped basic business to reach in the present stage. It is a field of research and planning of strategy for overall activities of business or an organization. Operation management is used to setting up infrastructure, production of services, general management, management of plants, equipments and production control, human resource management, skilled experts supervision, productivity analysis, cost control, marketing planning and reachability to the customers. It is an independent stream of management and helps business to provide detailed analysis and planning for uninterrupted functioning of specific task as well as daily routine tasks of organization.

Today operation management has got its extreme level of growth and many prestigious institutes are providing specialized course in operation research and who are dedicated to operations management’s study and research work, where anyone can study operation management as a subject. Some examples are Association for Operations Management (APICS), European Operations Management Association (EurOMA), Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), Institute of Operations Management (UK), Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Besides this, you can get more information and knowledge from several popular journal of operations management such as International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Production and Operations Management, Production and Inventory Management Journal, Journal of Modeling in Operations Management and Society of Operations Management.