In this you will get the answer of the following questions:

  1. Discuss the relationship of the work breakdown structure (WBS) to a work package? Why are work packages created from the WBS?
  2.  Present a simple IT workforce example (4 levels and 10 tasks) of a WBS
  3.  Give a real world example of how scope creep can occur or why it does occur.
  4.  Based on the readings discuss the steps can you take as a project manager to minimize scope creep in an IT project that involves dozens of vendors in an outsourcing and offshoring project?

According to management homework work help experts the following are the relationship of WBS and Work Package

The work package refers as an element of work that is located at the lowest level of a work breakdown structure (WBS). There is strong relationship between WBS and a work package, because work package allows the project manager to define necessary steps or actions for the completion of project. It means the lowest level of a WBS is known as a work package level that is a key for the completion of any work or project on right time (Haugan, 2003). The work packages are created from the WBS due to some important reasons that are as follow:

  • It allows multiple teams to work simultaneously or sequentially on different tasks of a project.
  • It helps to increase control on whole project.
  • It defines necessary methods and actions to develop final deliverables.
  • Along with these, to breakdown all the project work into separate tasks is also a reason of creating work package in WBS (Verzuh, 2003).

The following figure shows the relationship between WBS, work package and activities of a project.

WBS BY homeworkhelpexperts

WBS of IT Workforce Planning Project

The following table shows the WBS of an IT workforce planning process that is divided in 4 levels and number of separate tasks. We are the team of management homework help experts, Marketing homework help experts, accounting homework help experts, Finance homework help experts, economics homework help experts, project homework help experts so you can get assignment help or homework help of all MBA assignment help.


The table exhibits that IT workforce plan is divided in 4 phases such as project initiation, planning, execution and closing. It also shows that total 14 separate tasks will be performed to complete the project.

According to the the Example of Scope creep can be defined as uncontrolled change or continuous growth in the scope of a project due to poor change control as well as communication between parties that are involved in project. It is a common event in the project management, but it is generally considered in negative form. Most of the time, it can occur almost in all projects due to not well defining of project requirements. There are number of examples of occurring scope creep in the projects. For example, a scope can occur in real world when the client wants to get more efforts in project than they wanted originally in the beginning. In this case, the changes in client’s requirements can be potential reason of occurrence of scope creep (Cunningham & Rogers, 2005).

Furthermore, if in a new product develop plan, the company does not consider dealer showroom delivery times into project, there will be a possibility of delay in product launch due to lack of delivery planning that is also an example of scope creep (Furman, 2011).

Steps to Minimize Scope Creep

Following steps can be useful for a project management homework help experts or project manager to minimize scope creep.

  • First of all, define project scope and then develop an effective project plan for IT project.
  • Define as well as priorities tasks, requirements and deliverables of project.
  • Develop a change management plan.
  • Maintain good communication with project’s client.
  • Track changes in requirements.
  • Rebase line the project schedule after approving changes (Donnelly & Sanders, 2011).
  • Request additional funding if required due to changes in requirements.
  • Most important always listen team member.

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