Strategy is a detailed and systematic plan of various actions which is prepared to reach the particular target. Basically strategy has military origin and is derived from the word “strategies” of Greek language. In its military origin it was used as the term for preparation of war against enemy. From Greek languages it was adopted in 19th century by British writers. In present context, the word strategy has become an important term of management science and it is used to describe the planning to achieve the final motives. It can be identified also as the way of progress.

Mostly strategy is used to fulfill two needs of the organization: planning for final objective of organization or group and cope the troubles to sort out the expected and unexpected problems and interruptions. Besides this, it is also used in game theory as an individual term used by player for his planned thought.
StrategyIn a strategy, several smaller tasks are planned in a particular sequencing order to complete the main objective of organization or program. We can also understand it as a pre defined set of action and function executable on a particular time. Through strategy we decide the working methods and ways for a specific task and try to obtain it. It has been taught in management programs and is used in business operation for smooth functioning of organizations.

In old times it was used for especially for war planning which may vary from area to area. In present era, it has been developed as an advance branch of management which has several types of strategy and planning. Generally we can categorize it in— Political strategy, Military strategy, Economic strategy, Business strategy, General strategy and other. All the section has different utility and working styles but have the same goal— to obtain the target in anyhow. In management, we study the economic strategy, business strategy and general strategy for perfection in our project planning and execution.